Living as children of your Father in Heaven

We return to the sermon on the mount to learn from Jesus what it means to live as a child of your Father in heaven. [For the first part of the sermon on the mount see our previous series Matthew (chapters 1-5) and Learning to pray, with Jesus (Matthew 6:1-18)].

1 OctoberMatthew 6:19-24Treasure in heaven
8 OctoberMatthew 6:25-34Do not worry
15 OctoberMatthew 7:1-6Do not judge
22 OctoberMatthew 7:7-12Keep on asking
29 OctoberMatthew 7:13-29The narrow gate
8 October – Matthew 6:25-34 – Do not worry
15 October – Matthew 7:1-6 – Do not judge
22 October – Matthew 7:7-12 – Ask your Father!
29 October – Matthew 7:13-29 – Which road are you on?
Hope Church Easingwold