Exodus – Who is the LORD?

THE story of God saving a people for himself to which the bible goes back again and again is told in the book of Exodus. The repeated refrain through the first half of the book of Exodus is “so that you may know that the LORD is God.” In these chapters we see the LORD revealing his name, “I AM who I AM” to Moses at the burning bush, and then demonstrating the truth of this by his great salvation.

As we go through these chapters, we will get to know our God better which will help us to love him with all our heart, to walk with him and to make him known. And Jesus said of these Old Testament scriptures, “these are the very scriptures that testify about me,” (John 5:39) – while the story of the Exodus from Egypt is the bible’s paradigmatic story of salvation, the fulfilment is found in the cross, resurrection and glorification of Jesus. So as we study the story of God’s salvation of his people from Egypt, we will gain a richer understanding of and delight in God’s salvation of us through the cross of Jesus.

3 JulyExodus 1-2
10 JulyExodus 3-4
17 JulyExodus 5-6
24 JulyExodus 7-11
31 JulyOne-off at the New Inn 1.30pm (no service at Galtres)
7 AugustExodus 11-13:16
14 AugustExodus 13:17-15:21
21 AugustExodus 15:22-17:7
28 AugustExodus 17:8-18:27
Exodus 1-2 The God of Unstoppable Blessing
Exodus 3-4 The God who is always present
Exodus 5-6 When life gets harder not better
Exodus 7-11 The God who rescues through judgement
Exodus 13:17-15:21 Salvation is from the Lord (recording missed start of reading – starts at 14:1)
Exodus 15:22-17:7 When grumbling, know the grace of God
Exodus 17:8-18:12 The Nations coming to the LORD who saves
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