Acts 1-12

Acts – The continuing words and deeds of Jesus

From January until Easter we are going to be looking at Acts 1-12. It tells the story of the growth of the early church. God’s people are made new, and the church is built, as Jesus continues to act and to teach from heaven by the Holy Spirit whom he sends and through his witnesses. We will see that prison doors cannot chain God’s word, nor the death of his witnesses. The risen Lord Jesus reigns from heaven and is keeping his promise to build his church. He will return, but until then he has given his followers a job – to witness to his great salvation to the ends of the earth.

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8
9th JanuaryActs 1
16th JanuaryActs 2:1-41
23rd JanuaryActs 2:42-47
30th JanuaryActs 3:1 – 4:4
6th FebruaryActs 4:5-31
13th FebruaryActs 4:32-5:11
20th FebruaryActs 5:12-6:7
27th FebruaryActs 6:8-8:1
6th MarchActs 8:1-25
13th MarchActs 8:26-40
20th MarchActs 9:1-31
27th MarchActs 9:32 – 10:48
3rd AprilActs 11
10th AprilActs 12


Acts 5:12-6:7 – 22 February 2022
Acts 8:1-25 – 6 March 2022
Acts 8:26-40 – 13 March 2022
Acts 9:1-31 – 20 March 2022
Acts 9.32 – Acts 10.48 – 27 March [apologies the recording misses the start of the reading, which started at 10.1]
Acts 11 – 3 April 2022
Acts 12 – 10 April 2022

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