What we believe & So What?

What we believe & How we respond

Throughout May we are going to consider some of the core things the bible teaches about God, Us and How we can be saved. Then in June, we will look at what our response should be.

1st MayThe Word of God
8th MayGod
15th MayHumanity
22nd MaySalvation
29th MayFuture
5th JuneRepent & Believe
12th JuneBaptism
19th JuneFellowship
26th JuneMission
1st May – The Word of God
8th May – God the Father, Son and Spirit
15 May – Humanity: honour and shame
22 May – Atonement
29 May – What will happen when Christ returns?
5 June – Repent and Believe
12 June – Baptism
19 June – Fellowship. 1st reading from Acts 2:36ff (recording misses first verse or two)
26 June – Mission

Hope Church Easingwold